Consultation Description: 

Perfect for families who would like Helen Sands to personally coach them and their child, from 8am to 11pm

for 3 days in a row. Applicable for children aged 4 months to 7 years.

  • British Columbia lower mainland, Whistler/Squamish/Pemberton or Kelowna at this time.


  • Q and A: Initially by phone or skype, Helen will ask you in depth questions about your child’s sleep habits and other factors that can affect sleep.
  • Appropriate “homework” provided at time of initial call to implement immediately.
  • Helen will prepare the appropriate sleep plan.
  • Helen will then arrive at your home and meet with parents to discuss the sleep plan document and answer any questions.
  • Assistance in setting up nursery correctly.
  • Helen will stay in home, with parents, to provide “hands on” demonstration and coaching as the sleep training is implemented. (Working together with parents as they learn how to manage their little ones sleep). Or if you prefer, Helen will implement the sleep coaching in the absence of parents.
  • Courtesy coaching to other caregivers (nanny, grandma) if applicable.
  • Further coaching on how to maintain great sleep for your child but also being able to enjoy outings and activities going into the future.
  • Telephone support (7 days x 15 minute calls).
  • Email support for a further 10 days beyond that.
  • All email follow up is “client led”.
  • As an addition to your personal sleep plan, the appropriate Hushababy® Sleep Solutions Manual is provided, covering other important information such as travel, dining out, illness, teething and daylight saving.

If you would like to discuss Hushababy® consultation services then please contact me. To purchase this consultation online, please click the add to cart button below. As soon as your order has been received I will be in touch with further information.

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