“I was first introduced to Helen when a friend told me about her successful sleep training experience with her baby.  I was somewhat incredulous to begin with, but I was so tired I threw away my doubts and contacted her. Helen was patient, consistent, and encouraging.  The results were nothing short of life changing.

I went back to Helen with my second son, eager to get some of that mystic voodoo sleep magic back in my life.  Within two nights my five month old was sleeping through the night.  Much high-hiving was done.

Things got a bit more complicated with my third son.  Life had gotten suddenly, unexpectedly, and intensely busy.  Chaos reigned and I was seriously doubtful that there was enough structure in our lives to accommodate sleep training… but to say I was desperate for sleep is an understatement.  I called up Helen and told her what life is like: commuting, multiple kids, lots of change, unpredictable days.  She listened to what I had to say, asked relevant questions, and produced a system tailored to my little sidekick.  We’re a few weeks into the training now and there’s a whole lot of sleeping going on!”

Fiona, Ottawa, Ontario
We are absolutely thrilled with our baby’s progress after working with Helen Sands at Hushababy Consulting. After just a few short weeks, our baby’s nights and naps are essentially perfect.  If he does wake up during the night, he will usually put himself back to sleep before I even get to his room.   Helen’s customized sleep plan gave us the tools for sleep training and the confidence to follow through and be consistent.  Without Helen’s support, I believe I would have had a very hard time accomplishing sleep training.  Thanks very much!
Krista, Abbotsford, BC
Hi Helen,

I am just writing a delayed thank you note. We went through your sleep training program about 4 months ago and I don’t think I ever thanked you.  We stuck to it and our baby is now an amazing sleeper. We have since travelled quite a bit, including a trip to see my family in the UK, been through some heavy teething and moved.  She has been a solid sleeper the whole time and so have I. She is a very happy healthy baby! I can’t thank you enough, you are amazing.

Sincerely, Emily and Derek, BC
After struggling with our toddler’s sleep for many months we contacted Helen. When we started sleep training, our child would not nap in the afternoon, would have trouble falling asleep, wake up 3-4 times a night, and get up very early in the morning. His sleep and our sleep, and the sleep of our older children, and as a consequence, our ability to function during the day, at work and at home, suffered severely. Within 3 days of using Helen’s sleep training plan, our child started sleeping through the night.

Within two weekends of training him to nap in the afternoons, he napped for more than one hour. Our child has slept continuously through the night in 19 out of 21 nights within the past three weeks. I think that one of the reasons the sleep training works so well is that setting up a “contract” with Helen helps you as a parent to follow through and not give in. When Helen calls to inquire how the night went you really do not want to say “I got up and nursed my baby 3 times”. So having those regular check-ins and the feedback are key to the plan’s success. Thank you, Helen!

Anonymous parents, Vancouver BC
When I contacted Helen, I had just returned to work and was desperately trying to get my 12 month old to sleep in his own crib.  My husband and I were frustrated and exhausted.  Casey had always been an extremely difficult sleeper and would go into absolute hysterics when it was time to go to sleep.  Honestly, I was very doubtful that she would be able to assist.  Helen adjusted everything from Casey’s bedroom setup, to his caloric intake.  Her plan was extremely detailed and easy to follow (albeit hard work!!).  Within days of starting her plan we started to see changes – we were honestly shocked.

Now, our child that would turn into the Incredible Hulk at nap and bed time, cuddles into his little bear and drifts off to sleep!!  It feels like nothing short of a miracle!!  Casey wakes up so much happier and my husband and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders!  Helen taught me that Casey wasn’t fighting sleep, he just didn’t know how to fall asleep without our assistance.   With support from Helen, we were able to comfort Casey while teaching him to fall asleep on his own – what a gift!  I can’t thank Helen enough!

Janine, Pasadena, Newfoundland