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Daylight Saving – Time to Fall Back!



Daylight Saving – Time to Fall Back!


Here are some tips on making the transition as calm and stress-free as possible!




To make the transition as smooth as possible, you have a couple of choices:


  1. Fast approach (go cold turkey) Night One put baby/child to bed one hour later than usual. Yes, keeping him/her up will be hard but hang in there! So if your baby normally goes to sleep at 7.30pm, keep him/her up until 8.30pm or as close as possible.


Yes it’s true that he/she may wake up early the next day but try to push baby to as close to the usual wake up time as possible.


  1. Slow approach


Start preparing for the change 4 nights ahead of the official daylight saving date.

Each night, push bedtime ahead by 15 minute increments for 4 nights.

Also, this means that you do have to push their getting up  time ahead the next  morning by 15 minute increments.  Do this over a period of 4 mornings to gently make the adjustment.